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WinOLS Reseller Database

Buy Tuning Files with the WinOLS Reseller Programm – Simple and Fast! 24/7 !!!

The EVC WinOLS Reseller programm is the simplest and quickest way for professional tuners to get tuning files and information.
Just register in the database and get the latest software for cars, trucks and tractors.

Here is the link of our complete productlist.

Follow these steps to connect your WinOls Software to our Database :

1 - Write down your EVC customer number.

2 - Go to 'Edit Account' and put your EVC customer number in the WinOLS ID field.

3 - Start WinOls, go to Miscellaneous menu, and click on Update+Registration.

4 - Ready !

Now you can select TuningFactory in the open-project-dialog with the client-icon ("hat" symbol). There's an entry for TuningFactory.
After selecting TuningFactory, you will see all available projects.

To buy a project, simply select it from the WinOLS project list and click on OK. After a confirmation the credits are deducted from your account, the project is downloaded, stored into your projects folder and opened.

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